Sport Layer Elastic Waist Active Workout Shorts-green-2xl

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Sport Layer Elastic Waist Active Workout Shorts-green-2xl

Цена: 1 199,00 ₽
1 199,00 ₽ + 388,99 ₽ Доставка

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Outer material: Polyester, Nylon. Lining: Nylon, Spandex. This workout shorts with soft, comfy and breathable fabric. The fabric is lightweight and feels cool to the touch, not thick or hot fabric.^Featuring: running shorts women with elastic waistband, it is stretchy and comfortable. ^It has stretchy spandex-ish underwear liner does not rid up and doesnt give you the feeling of granny panties.^Athletic shorts for women with one side zipper pocket that enough to hold your card or key. And it has a nice thick high waisted band and the slit on the side leaves a lot of room for the booty ^Bike shorts for women, they are perfect for everyday active, gym, explore ,a group fitness class, running and cycling, hiking, HIIT workouts, travel, bike, pilates and even casual wear.^

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