OnDisplay Trinity Deluxe Handmade Acrylic Cosmetic/Makeup Organizer

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OnDisplay Trinity Deluxe Handmade Acrylic Cosmetic/Makeup Organizer

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From OnDisplay comes a new luxury line of LumiClear acrylic organizers. Our new Cannes Handmade Cosmetic Organizer neatly stores all your makeup in one simple and luxurious design! Constructed of premium LumiClear acrylic, the Trinity Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer features a unique hinged lid main compartment. You can fill this compartment with pearls (not included) or other bead-like material and keep all your brushes in a beautiful display. Along the bottom is a wide drawer for storing loose cosmetics, cotton swabs, pads and other small items. Above is two smaller drawers for storing beauty sponges, eggs and other makeup applicators. The right panel wall is ventilated with pre-drilled holes to keep your applicators in fresh condition and prevents bacterial growth. A central slotted compartment is perfect for storing cotton makeup pads with a U-shaped slot to easily remove each pad. The entire unit measures 11.8" wide by 4.75" deep and 9.4" tall. The handmade acrylic measures 5mm on the outer walls and 3mm on the inside. The ultimate showcase for the cosmetic diva in you.
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