Gentle Monster* Southside-01 Ip67 Waterproof Smart Glasses

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Gentle Monster* Southside-01 Ip67 Waterproof Smart Glasses

Цена: 83 890,00 ₽
83 890,00 ₽ + 1 813,99 ₽ Доставка

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smart glasses is the new fashionAn innovative type of vestível1 device was created for a new intelligent life lifestyle. More than a hot fashion item, the HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER glasses accompany you every day and facilitate their communication in the bustle of urban life.The Advanced BoutiqueThe advanced technology and skill allow you to enjoy the elegant appearance and lightweight and comfortable user experience. Adopting the stacking method, the integrated glass frames using various internal resources, while still reach the level IP67 resistant to water and dust.Born to listendouble and semi-open design speakers allow plunge into the vibrant sound field and layered and embrace the stunning audio clarity. The unique audio cavity promotes directional sound rays, minimizing sound leakage to protect your privacyReduction Intelligent NoiseReaching linear reduction beam noise in dual microphones of each fine temple, this exclusive design industry is a great success in maintaining audio clarity during communications. Enhanced by noise reduction technology speaks of AI, you will always be easily heard.Music playback time: up to 2.5 hoursDuration of voice call: up to 2.5 hoursThe duration of the battery lasts up to 20 hours in standby mode when the glasses are connected to a Bluetooth device after a full charge and worn without other operations performed.Operating Temperature: 0 ° C to 35 ° CCharging temperature: 0 ° C to 35 ° CStorage temperature: -20 ° C to +45 ° CBluetooth 5.0
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