Boots Serum 7 Age Defense Light Texture Fluid 30 ml

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Boots Serum 7 Age Defense Light Texture Fluid 30 ml

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Light Textured Fluid Age Defense Serum7 creates a barrier that protects your skin against the aging effect of the sun. This advanced fluid is the lightest formula developed to date, so you can protect your skin from premature aging without the heavy, sticky feel of a day cream. The sun's harmful UV rays can be responsible for up to 90% of skin aging. Not only do they damage the surface, but they can reach the deeper layers of the skin and cause lasting structural damage that can lead to signs of premature aging. In warm seasons we tend to neglect protection, since some creams do not provide a pleasant sensation to our skin The Age Defense Serum7 Light Textured Fluid offers you an easily absorbed fluid that defends both the inner and outer layers of the skin . It is our lightest formula, while providing the most advanced defense for the skin through a combination of SPF 30 (our highest SPF in skin care products) and our patented UVR Multidermal technology. Plus, our proprietary Antioxidant Complex helps minimize free radicals that can also damage your skin's structure. In this way you can enjoy each day knowing that your skin is protected and looks radiant.
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