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Bubble Machine Liquid

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If you've purchased the Bubble Machine, depending on how much fun you've had, we bet you're gonna run out of bubble liquid soon It's gonna be one sad story if you've invited your friends over for a bubbly party and you run out of ammo We know you had a bloody good time in your younger years, mixing soap or detergent with water to get the right mix that'll froth the entire house up But buckle up and get suited with the times, for the bubble machine liquid is ready to use stuff. All you've got to do now is pour it into the Bubble Machine and start firing away Whether you want to have a fun time with your kids or grand kids, or just want to entertain your neighbours, make sure you have a surplus of the Bubble Machine Liquid. It's better to be safe than sorry, after all Don't waste your time reading this while everyone's out there loading themselves with the Bubble Machine Liquid Order yours online right away Happy Bubbling This product is an accessory to bubble machines and comes in 1L (1000ml) sized bottles.
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