Royal Massage Deluxe Electric Multi-Level Fleece Warmer Pad

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Royal Massage Deluxe Electric Multi-Level Fleece Warmer Pad

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Our deluxe electric fleece warming pad will keep your client comfortably warm during all massage treatments. You can regulate the temperature from low to high with a simple switch which makes this product very easy to use. The elastic straps will secure the pad to any massage table with ease. As a safety feature, if the pad over heats, the power will automatically stop to prevent any hazardous events. This warmer pad combines advanced technology and craftsmanship by adopting a high quality double layer helix heating wire grid. It boasts sound insulating properties for a perfect serene environment for your clients to enjoy. Digital Controller has 5 heat settings for your client's comfort. For your convenience, the warmer pad can be set for 1-8 hours of automatic operation. Dimensions: 31" x 71". 110V type A plug. Synthetic fleece. NOTE: For optimum heat, cover the warmer bad on the table with extra linens and/or blankets. The table will stay much warmer if the warmer pad is insulated and not just covered by one sheets
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