Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator Spare Filters Saline Nasal Spray Nose Frida kids

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Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator Spare Filters Saline Nasal Spray Nose Frida kids

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NoseFrida nasal aspirator is an effective, easy to use aid against nasal congestion for babies and small children, from birth to 3 years of age. Designed by a Swedish paediatric ear, nose and throat doctor, the NoseFrida has been designed with the complete comfort of baby in mind. NoseFrida works when a parent gently sucks on one end of the tube and the other end is placed at the base of the baby's nostril (not inside it). There is no risk of contact between parent and "snot" Voted European Baby Product of the year 2007. The Nosefrida Nasal Spray Saline Solution for Children 0-3 years is a natural saline solution that has been specially designed for babies and young children. We all know that babies often get colds and blocked noses. Finally, a specially adapted nasal spray is available for babies. The nasal spray is a natural saline solution that is completely free from preservatives, with a dosage volume that is lower than other nasal sprays on the market. It is effective for blocked noses and can be used daily. Select what you need: Nose Frida only (includes 4 filters)Spare Filters only (Includes 20 Filters)Nose frida and Spare FiltersSaline Solution onlyNose Frida Bundle includes:1 x Nosefrida with 4 filters1 pack of 20 spare filters1 x Nosefrida 20ml Salaine Solution Nasl Spray Manuals only in English

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